The Nap is the result of a workshop carried out during an artistic residence at the Museumsquartier, in Viena/2015.

The workshop brought an opportunity to think about the manners of perceiving and experiencing reality, with an emphasis on the body as the destination of sensations, electing vision as the only means of material interpretation. These are concepts well produced in the West and replicated by art institutions.

The artist proposed that participants should sleep for two hours in the main entrance of the Leopold Museum.

To sleep is an everyday gesture that produces a different body, a mysterious one. Sleep has aspects that defy science, but we know that, to enter it, the human psyche must dismantle the forces of ego, abandoning the operationality and efficiency of rational execution. In the state of sleep, what takes over is a body that produces images and sensations with no obvious connection to reality.

The Nap attempts to reveal the operations present inside and around the museum — the monumentality, the asepsis, the ostensive security, the many doors — in order to denounce the type of body that is summoned to enter these environments: overly programmed and with an efficiency that responds to this game of representations.
To sleep sets in perspective that which is not represented, which is not monumental, which acts by molecularity. That which does not allow itself to be easily captured: the invisible and intangible that form in an unconscious and imaginary manner in dreams, becoming the source of new images in daily life.
door of the Leopold Museum / Vienna, Austria
participants: Alice Ursini, Guilherme Mata, Luisa Lobo, Valentin Aigner, Anastasia Soutormina, Nancy Wanderberg, Tatiana Bereza.