The artist sleeps on historical monuments in Vienna: the stairs of the National Library; the Heldenplatz, right under the balcony where Hitler spoke to the Viennese people in 1938; the monument representing Mariahilfer; the stairs of the City Hall; the window of the Museum of Natural History; and the stairs of the National Art Museum.

The work is an attempt to dismantle the hegemonic forces present in these historical-political monuments and representations, not by means of a direct and efficient action, but, on the contrary, by means of an apparent inaction — a non-action.

The work is a sequel to The Nap, carried out in the same period and city, and based on the same premise: that sleep is an everyday action that produces an unknown body, placing in perspective that which is not monumental, but invisible and intangible, and which forms the unconscious and the imaginary.

The places chosen represent the crystalized strata of the official hegemonic history. The actions were carried out on different days, and the artist slept without the assistance of sleep inducers.

30' each piece
Monument to Mariahilfer, Vienna / Austria
Heldenplatz, Vienna / Austria
Stairs from the National Library, Vienna / Austria
Natural History Museum, Vienna / Austria