In a garden, a woman sleeps while guarded/observed by her cat. In her house, in the bathroom, ten black cats observe ten white birds that fly near the ceiling, protected by netting.

When she awakens, the woman puts on dentures and gold rings; she climbs through the window and releases the white cat in the bathroom with the cats and birds.

An agreement establishes the approaches — between the woman and the animals; between the animals themselves — and updates all the agreements of the natural order of the world. There is no mediation by the artist or the performer, but there is an alliance with the untimely.

Microscope deals with the approaches and distance between forms and forces. It investigates, by means of the action of approaching and distancing, the elements present in the performative field. That which is of the order of the visible and of representation, and therefore relates to form and can exist materially; and that which relates to forces and is a manifestation — present but impossible to materialize. This game of relations is treated as a necessary irresolution, and not as appeasement.

installation / performance
Florence Antonio Gallery
photo: Maria Antonia Demasi