Comissioned by the project Ao ar livre, the action consisted in planting yams and turmerics in some squares of Jd. Europa/São Paulo.

1. This is the district that was built at the end of the twentieth century and was addressed to the upper class of São Paulo - which is still the case today. In it, live or own properties, politicians, ruralists, businessmen, diplomatic corps, celebrities. With an huge concentration of wealth and depopulated streets, it perfectly updates the concept of the racialized and classist capitalist colonial regime that wounded the Brazilian social field. All the streets have been named after countries or European capitals.

2. Yam is well known as one of the foods with the highest concentration of depurative assets, with detoxifying, analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties, among many others. Turmeric is a very rich and practically sacred food for the ayurvedic adepts (Indian ancestral medicine), it has various medicinal uses acting mainly on inflamed tissues.

3. Among farmers, it is said that the tubers "sleep" in winter (from May to August) and begin to sprout from September, October and November being the months of their peak. The planting of these tubers in August brings the information that they will be asleep for the next few months, but it also means that while they are asleep, they multiply their breeding power by 20,000 times (nutrients and substances) because they will need this strength to puncture the soil and sprout.

4. In early March/April, when people were able to devote themselves to isolation, it was very impacting to know that the earth changed the seismic vibration and the noises in the earth's crust decreased. A friend commented: "Imagine if all the people on the planet could step barefoot on the earth at the same time, one event would arise, one other vibration".

5. I think of healing as something molecular, subtle - an intersectional and micro politically productive space - a kind of teaching that establishes and reorganizes what was sick, the anomaly. It is not a appeasement or a closure, it is sustaining a vibration until an irresolution can become an event of another order, of the order of life.

The action is accompanied by a text:

Yam yam yam yam minimum movement, turnaround! The utter experience of now. We know. And it is because we are inhabited by a body prior to the body-life-now, and it is what it knows. It eats yams messily, this body that eats and is soothed, purging, expelling the pus that the body-life-now produces. The pus of empty choleras, of games of me and them, of relational powers.
We, the yam-body and the pus-body, demand the words and our drool is pure soft chewable matter in our mouths and on our tongues. Words sink through our flesh and regurgitate expanding fermented masses of live organisms. Entire pieces of life fall from our gut and forge their way in the dirt. We spit far and we spit near, we trace routes and paths. We spit in the earth our inflammations and in return it gives us immense plants with their red, purple, black sap that seeps over our bodies. The yam-body and the pus-body. We are now many, we are plants and, together, we cure ourselves.