Blood-red is a photograph in which I portray my parents with their faces, hair, and necks painted red.

She/he are dressed in urban western clothes, also in red tones. .

My mother is a woman born and raised in Sertão/Northwest 
who migrated to São Paulo, where she met my father, a farmer from the countryside. They married, joined a radical evangelical church, they had four daughters and a life of many conflicts.

When I photographed them, my father had already
had suffered a stroke and depended entirely on my mother.
on my mother. During this period, because of the illness, he had developed a kindness. 

This image represents a life, an encounter. Because, beyond the violence and conflict, you can also notice the meeting of their skin in the arms given in their entwined hands. There is something in it that opens up questions. One could say that
a healing process, healing as something molecular, subtle - an intersectional and micropolitically productive - a kind of teaching that establishes itself and reorganizes that which was sick, the anomaly.

This carries a certain insistence in time, between permanence and change, and establishes a ritual of self-knowledge in which to affirm oneself as the same, one must be always someone else, even if to this end it becomes necessary to visit common places such as biological heritage, ancestry, and the strange-familiar that composes us.

giclee print
60 x 60 cm