A program by G>E_group beyond me that invites artists and researchers who wish to publicly share their processes.

G>E Open Heart happens in three different formats: an individual conversation with the artist/researcher; round tables; and the Special Edition, gathering several artists in a plurality of actions and contents.

The program is always planned as an autonomous and independent event, carried out in partnership with the participating artists. This means breaking with certain institutional hegemonies that favor project over process.

The idea is to create other forms of production of knowledge, revealing processes and epistemologies, directing and revealing the (un)known reality. It is not a manifest due to its precarity, but due to the potential that inhabits a work, independent of the processes and productions that might sculpt it.

The special edition 2019 count on the artists bellow Alexandre dos Anjos, Ana Dupas, Bru de Figueiredo, Carolina Castanho com Jjoao Paes e Iran Giusti, Frank Dezeuxis, Gal Gruman, Laura Artigas, Marta Pires, Otavio Barata, Pedro Gallego, Sofia Lemos, Valentina Soares.