G>E_group beyond me is an art and creation study and research group led by artist Karlla Girotto.

Within the context of its production, the group is a mechanism that establishes relations between artistic dialogues, experiments with processes, and functions as a territorial base for collective movements.

Created in 2013, the group emerged from the desire to construct an environment for experimentation that was open to new ways to produce and encounter. It has as basis a common interest in unravelling hegemonic narratives and producing political-aesthetic subjectivities.

The investigations manifest by means of a policy of imagination. The word policy refers to the discussion on how to organize resources, practices, spaces, and a shared life; imagination speaks of the aim of forming ideas and creating worlds, seeking the necessary means to maintain the potential of creation alive, and searching for active positions that allow the establishment of these forces in the world.

Territories and subjectivity are constructed within a dynamic that is completely open and alive, gathering the work of each participant together with the group’s daily life. The discussions are the effects of readings in movement, especially feminist texts or those from the global south, or of political and everyday situations, besides web content.
The group identifies with the disruptive potential of non-hegemonic art and life and believes in making experiences collective as a strategy to generate freedom and autonomy.

The fixed programs include weekly collective meetings; individual mentoring by artist Karlla Girotto; and the G>E Open Heart, which brings in guest artists every two months to debate processes and creation.


A program by G>E that invites artists and researchers who wish to publicly share their processes.

Guest artists and researchers who have attended G>E Open Heart include: Paula Garcia, Beatriz Lemos, Maurício Ianês, Bruno Faria, André Penteado, Gabriela Serfaty, Felipe Russo, Icaro Lira, Nino Cais, Crioulla Oliveira, Daniel Jablonski, Flora Leite, Tarcísio de Almeida, Andrea Mendes, Thelma Bonavita, Bruna Petreca, Rodolfo Beltrão, Ad Ferrera, Ana Dupas, Allysson Amaral, Bianca Soares, Bruno Mendonça, Jjoao Paes, Caio, Camila Valones, Carla Boregas, Carlos Monroy, Carou Diquinson, Bruna Kury, Karen Ka, Catarina Duncan, Deusydara, Erica Malunguinho, Erika Palomino, Felipe Caprestano, Glamour Garcia, Josefa Pereira, Juliana França, Thelma Bonavita, Karlla Girotto, KK Toy, Morgana Apuama, Pedro Gallego, Renata Bastos, Ricardo Càstro, Rodrigo Vaz, Ronalda Bi, Suzy Okamoto, Teresa Siewerdt, Pablo Paniagua, TintaPreta, Thiane Nascimento, Veniccio Barbosa, Vicente Perrota, Xu.

G>E Open Heart happens in three different formats: an individual conversation with the artist/researcher; round tables; and the Special Edition, gathering several artists in a plurality of actions and contents.

The program is always planned as an autonomous and independent event, carried out in partnership with the participating artists. This means breaking with certain institutional hegemonies that favor project over process.
The idea is to create other forms of production of knowledge, revealing processes and epistemologies, directing and revealing the (un)known reality. It is not a manifest due to its precarity, but due to the potential that inhabits a work, independent of the processes and productions that might sculpt it.
since 2013
research and studies about art and creation processe